"a hugely talented cabaret star, 'Forget-Me-Not' will definitely not disappoint." 

Forget-Me-Not is a beguiling, deliciously naughty flapper and singer on the London nightclub scene. She fell into cabaret life after her parents inconveniently cut off her allowance due to her general misbehaviour and scandalous love affairs. Unperturbed, Forget-Me-Not fled from the family estate in Kent to her wealthy lover’s London love-nest and in a brief moment of boredom auditioned as a singer at a fashionable nightclub, Le Jardin de Plaisirs. Fuelled on champagne and charm, to her surprise she was offered a spot of great prestige and is now the club’s radiant and rather expensive star. Forget-Me-Not credits her grandmother Bubbles, who was a renowned opera singer, for her singing voice, flippant heart and huge appetite for romance! She is accompanied on the piano by the only man who is consistent in her life, her rehearsal pianist and songwriter Pauly. Forget-Me-Not wishes to thank Pauly for his total devotion.



Forget-Me-Not was created and is managed by Sharon Elizabeth. She will apear as a guest artiste or perform one of her following onewoman shows:

Forget-Me-Not Wears the Trousers

Devised, written and directed by Sharon Elizabeth

with musical director Paul Lewis at the piano.

Running time: 1 hour and 20 minutes 

International cabaret artiste Forget-Me-Not, aka Sharon Elizabeth, slips past the censor and turns up the heat, performing risqué and banned songs from the 20s and 30s and celebrating Jazz Age sexual liberation and gender cross-pollination!  A fabulous feast of vocal versatility accompanied by composer Paul Lewis at the piano. 

Forget-Me-Not Wears the Trousers

"You and Sharon transported me into another world, which was so nostalgically evocative that I lost for a while all sense of where I was or when or how!" 


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Hosted and performed by the charming Sharon Elizabeth and accompanied on the piano by Paul Lewis. We were transported back through time to the golden era of Mae West and other such revolutionary artists. Forget me not’s lovely repertoire kept the audience enthralled and titillated by the wonderfully risqué song choices. Highlight of the evening was their version of ‘Mad about the boy’ as well as hearing the fascinating history behind it and a magnificent finale of ‘Nessun Dorma’ really showcased her powerful voice. The crowd was delighted when the duo returned to do an encore of the previous cheeky little number ‘My girl’s pussy’.

The Hurly Burly, 11 May 2012
Rating: 4/5
Rosie Pearson

"Sharon Elizabeth, Just to say how compelled I am to congratulate you on your spectacular show - I had the pleasure of seeing Forget-Me-Not at the Hurly-Burly in Brighton Fringe Festival and was utterly delighted. You had the look, you had the act and above all you had the voice - short of inventing a time machine back to another decade, you truly are the sort of decadence we lack nowadays!" (Audience member Brighton Fringe Festival, UK 2012)

"Wonderful, wonderful evening…..just naughty enough to be entertaining and certainly nice enough to be divinely classy." (Audience member, Napier Art Deco Weekend 2012) 


Forgotten Love Songs and Loves Best Forgotten...

Devised, written and directed by Sharon Elizabeth

with musical director Paul Lewis at the piano

Running time: 1 hour

Meet Forget-Me-Not for a late night rendezvous in her dressing room at Le Jardin de Plaisirs.  The deliciously naughty flapper recalls her life in the Roaring Twenties through a dazzling collection of period songs that will romance your heart and tickle your fancy!

“Commanded the stage and captivated the audience” ‘Anything but Forgettable.” (Hamilton Garden Summer Festival New Zealand, The Waikato Times, Feb 09)

“Clever and catchy songs performed by a hugely talented cabaret star, 'Forget Me Not' will definitely not disappoint. The roaring twenties become real once more with Sharon Elizabeth giving a heart-warming performance as a feisty flapper who plays with the audience in true cabaret style.” (Brighton Fringe Festival, 3 Weeks May 09)

"Sharon Elizabeth waltzed onto the stage and gave us an hour of sheer decadence and glamour” She captures the spirit of the era of the 1920s and made us believe we were actually there." "All the songs and dialogue were linked really smoothly and the ride we were taken on was certainly one to remember." (Brighton Fringe Festival, Festival Review, May 09)


Around the World in 80 Minutes 

Devised, written and directed by Sharon Elizabeth

with musical director Paul Lewis at the piano

Running time: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Forget-Me-Not the beguiling flapper takes a vacation aboard the cruise ship ‘Imagination.’ The songbird hijacks the cocktail bar to take you on a whirlwind musical journey around the world, docking for the odd cocktail and witty interlude on the way. A sumptuous evening of popular songs of the 1920-30s made famous by characters such as Helen Kane, the original Boop-Boop-a-Doop Girl, and the oh so very charming Jack Buchanan.  You will also be treated to some beautiful opera, traditional songs and original songs in the style of the era by British TV/film composer Paul Lewis. Forget-Me-Not plays with her audience in true cabaret style, so expect plenty of interaction as the whole theatre becomes her stage. Around the World in 80 Minutes gives a wonderful snapshot of this glamorous period. Meet the Captain of this fine ship and wear your cruising clothes for a glitzy night to remember.

“Rollicking good show at the Med….Sharon Elizabeth presented  a polished performance and her versatile, classically trained voice allowed the audience to enjoy songs from many different countries…the final song for the evening was a fitting choice, Hine e Hine”(Napier Mail, Review by Sarah Erikson, Masonic Hotel, Napier, New Zealand. October 11)


Deco Delights 

Accompanied at the piano by composer Paul Lewis

cabaret show

Running time: Up to 1 hour and 30 minutes

A dazzling selection of popular song hits from the 20s through to the 40s including cabaret songs and comic numbers. The deco years rest between World War 1 and 2 which allows Forget-Me-Not to spread her wings into songs of the early 40s including such composers such as Kurt Weill.

Forget-Me-Not has wowed audiences on both sides of the world with her romantic, charming and entertaining collection of period songs. You will hear many forgotten love songs and be introduced to new cabaret songs especially written for Forget-Me-Not in the style of the period by composer Paul Lewis. Forget-Me-Not is a well-loved performer who receives rave reviews for her warm personality, acting ability and the quality of her voice.

"Such an enjoyable evening"..."tremendous performance"..."the best event I have seen here in seven years” (Audience comments, Art Deco Festivals, Napier, New Zealand July 08 and February 09)

“Thank you both so much for the fantastic ‘Deco Delights.’ I have met up with several of the audience members at other events and all have said they would love to see you again.”Shaughan Parish, Hurst Festival 09, UK.







The Forget-Me-Not Cocktail

 1 oz Apple Schnapps

3/4 oz Cherry Brandy

1/4 oz Kirschwasser®


Pour into an old-fashioned glass filled with broken ice. Garnish with a twist of lime, and serve.