Sharon Elizabeth Soprano

Sharon  Elizabeth  is an entertainer  and  singer  who  performs  popular  opera  to saucy cabaret  and  everything  inbetween!  Her emotive, passionate performances, natural bright personality and beautiful soaring vocal ability have led her to be called “The People’s Soprano.”

She emigrated from the UK to New Zealand fourteen years ago and has worked as a professional singer for the last nine years, appearing in festivals and high-profile events in the UK and New Zealand, enjoying a career full of variety on both sides of the globe. From concert stage, film soundtrack recording, guest spots on TV and radio and fundraising events to seasons of her various one-woman shows, "she sings with utter conviction in whatever genre she chooses."

She has recently returned to the UK and now divides her time between the two countries with an eternal summer lifestyle and an Emirates Frequent Flyer card! 

Sharon Elizabeth has a huge amount to offer the entertainment arena. An ebullient and creative thinker, she enjoys tailoring her talents to each individual engagement and writing her own one-woman shows, such as "Ising on the Cake," which combines her love of baking and singing. "Forget-Me-Not," her art deco alter ego cabaret character, has proved to be very popular. Her invention has sparked a passion for reviving popular songs from this glamorous period....not to mention a growing vintage clothes and accessory collection! 

She has performed with many top New Zealand classical /crossover artists, and has proved to be a real crowd-pleaser on the concert stage with her pop-opera style, receiving regular standing ovations.  Her "Soft Opera" performances offer beautiful arias, chansons and romantic ballads. "Vocal brilliance and disarmingly charming introductions from vampy soprano Sharon Elizabeth.....a concert for one and all - no previous experience required!"

Sharon Elizabeth is a highly interactive and entertaining performer who wears her heart on her sleeve, transcending musical barriers.



“I feel very lucky to be living my passion. It makes my heart swell with joy knowing something I have created has entertained or inspired.....  it especially makes me happy when my opera renditions convert the unconverted! I feel privileged to be a performer and I never take my place on the stage for granted.

Sharon Elizabeth

 “Sharon Elizabeth has a lovely singing voice which was at its best during the operatic arias and the slower ballades and was especially so in that old favourite from Ireland ‘Danny Boy’….the Italian landscape was beautifully conjured up with Tosca’s ‘Vissi D’arte’. …Hine e Hine proved enchanting.”(Around the World in 80 Minutes, Andrew Buchanan-Smart, Waikato Times, March 2011)

"During the singing of one song ‘Hine e Hine’ which Sharon sang to her daughter, I watched a mixture of emotions on the faces of some 180 plus people seated at Mills Reef. Smiles stretched from ear to ear on some, while tears streamed down the faces of many. Truly goose bump material!" (The Weekend Sun. Love and Music CD Launch)

"Her rendition of the classical Italian love story O mio Babbino was excellent..... Her exuberant delivery mirrored her sparkling personality. She is known as 'The Little Woman with a Big Voice' and she left her audience with little doubt why."

"Wednesday I watched and listened as the beautiful voice of Sharon Elizabeth connected with her audience and released a wave of emotion, especially in the men, that was stunning in more ways than one. Well, actually it released a lot more than emotion. It released about 12 grand from their wallets at the same time for CanTeen kids or teenagers with cancer, the benefactors of what really was a brilliant fundraiser. Sharon's seductive songs seemed to woo the wads from the wallets of the audience" (Kapai's Corner  with Tommy Wilson, the Bay of Plenty Times)